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Cancer sucks. Especially metastatic breast cancer (MBC). In an effort to help fund more research for MBC, we've partnered with the non-profit organization, METAvivor

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Of all early stage breast cancer patients, 30% will metastasize (meaning the cancer has spread to non-adjacent organs, such as lung, liver, bones and brain– classifying them as stage IV). MBC is fatal in 97-99% of cases. Sadly, only 2-3% of breast cancer funding goes towards research for MBC. METAvivor was the first non-profit organization to solely fund research for stage IV metastatic breast cancer, and today remains the only US organization dedicated to funding MBC research.

Life in Play will be donating 100% of the net profits from our limited edition "Magenta Love" ToteSavvy to METAvivor. In addition, $3 from every ToteSavvy purchased online will also be donated to METAvivor. Our partnership with METAvivor means more funding will go towards grants for research, with the hope that someday we will discover better treatments that improve the longevity and quality of life for MBC patients.

The goal of our #MagentaMatters campaign is to raise money for research, bring awareness to MBC, and share the love with everyone in our lives, but especially those who are fighting to live another day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!