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Meet Lauren Kutting – Founder & CEO

Lauren Kutting, Founder and CEO of Life In Play, and her twinsHi! I’m Lauren, handbag addict and reasonably fashion-conscious mom of 3 (including twins!). I founded Life in Play Company in 2014 after struggling to find the right diaper bag during my first pregnancy. I loved the handbags I’d collected over the years, which made it hard to settle on one diaper bag to replace every other bag I currently owned. I ended up not purchasing a diaper bag and decided to tough it out. Fast forward to 3 months after my daughter was born,  when a very disorganized flight led to a rough sketch on a cocktail napkin, and the creation of ToteSavvy– the organizer insert that turns your favorite handbag into a diaper bag.

Almost immediately after testing the first prototype in my handbag, I knew I had something worth developing and sharing with fellow moms and dads everywhere. After a successful Kickstarter campaign during the spring of 2014, Life in Play Company officially launched. Today we’re proud to offer four color variations to the ToteSavvy insert, and ToteSavvy Mini size, with more great organizational products in development.

Our goal is to help parents retain their sense of style throughout parenthood while also keeping themselves cool, calm and collected with the proper organization.

Stay organized & fabulous!