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ToteSavvy was created by a new mom with a big idea and the passion to see her vision through. She knew there had to be a way to utilize her favorite handbags while staying organized with her newborn baby. After many revisions and hours spent on the sewing machine, the first prototype was crafted. Each pocket and every detail was carefully thought through and tested before landing on the ToteSavvy you know and love today.

Our goal is to help parents retain their sense of style throughout parenthood while keeping themselves cool, calm, collected, and organized.

Meet The Team

LAUREN | CEO & founder

As a first-time mom many years ago I discovered the need for a better diaper bag solution. It’s not that diaper bags didn’t already exist, but rather not one matched my personal style. I knew there had to be a better way to stay organized as a mom, and still retain my sense of self.

Fast forward to a chaotic flight and disorganized bag while traveling with my 3-month old when I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally!). I sketched my idea on a cocktail napkin, then shortly after, sewed together the first prototype that would soon become, ToteSavvy.

ToteSavvy not only solved my problem and helped me stay organized, it also showed me that motherhood doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter shape. Motherhood is about adapting and finding the best path forward for your own unique self.

SONIA | PR & Marketing

My name is Sonia and I work in the Marketing and PR department at Life in Play! I have been in the fashion and lifestyle industries since 2010, modeling for several high fashion brands in Los Angeles before expanding into celebrity and entertainment publicity. I am forever a proud UCLA Alumn (#BruinLife #GoBruins #FightFightFight) and travel back to Los Angeles often! Currently, I live in the sunny and beautiful (don't forget tech-y) Bay Area! 

It was an easy decision to join the Life in Play team because they supply products that I truly believe in! While I’m not a mother yet, ToteSavvy will be a must-have whenever I’m ready to expand my family... while staying fabulous of course! Currently, I love ToteSavvy for staying organized when traveling!

I cannot wait to see where Life in Play will expand to next, but I’m ready for the journey! 

HILARY | Copywriter

Hi! I’m Hilary, copywriter at Life in Play. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I’m thrilled to be raising our daughter in such a beautiful, exciting place. After completing undergrad I decided to get my teaching credential and Masters in Teaching. I spent several years in the classroom teaching first and second grade. I loved how every day was different! 

While teaching was my passion, after my daughter was born I was ready for a change of pace. When I became a mom, I promised myself that I would try to keep as much of “my old self” as possible. Although my life has changed in many ways since becoming a mom, I still love fashion, handbags, and being organized. Working for Life in Play was a no-brainer! It is important to me to be authentic and passionate about what I do, whether it be teaching, being a mother, or writing about wonderful products. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team!

NIKKI | Social Media

Hey! I’m Nikki. I am the social media coordinator and copy editor for Life in Play. As the youngest child in a family of 11, you could call me the tie-breaker. After having 5 boys and girls, I became my parent's 6th daughter. Having 5 older sisters meant I got the best fashion tips and hand-me-downs growing up. It also meant I was the go-to babysitter for almost all of my 17 (!) nieces and nephews.

When I stumbled upon ToteSavvy I was floored. How did no one else think of this?! And where was this organizer when I was juggling all those babies?! Being 23 and carrying around a clunky diaper bag wasn’t exactly fashionable, and didn’t make me feel like the “cool aunt” I was trying to be. Life in Play has been changing the diaper bag market since its founding and has come a long way since I first joined. We now have 2 different sizes and multiple colors. I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow and help parents (and aunties!) everywhere stay organized and chic.

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