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Traveling with Kids– A Dad's Humorous Perspective

Chad Kutting
This guest post was written by our founder's husband and charismatic father of 3. When traveling with kids, anything that can be stressful, will be stressful.  The twins are now a year and a half ... Read More >

Essentials for a Twin Parent

Lauren Kutting
  1. ToteSavvy - As a seasoned twin parent I can tell you diaper bag organization is absolutely essential. You'll generally pack two of everything when on-the-go. Giving yourself to ability to a... Read More >

Diaper Bag Essentials for Twins

Life in Play Team
Double the love calls for double the essentials when packing a diaper bag for twins. While you may not need two of EVERYTHING. You will need two (or more!) of most items inside your diaper bag. The... Read More >

How to Pack a Diaper Bag (or ToteSavvy!) for Twins

Life in Play Team
  The life of a twin mom is pretty chaotic. Not only do you have two babies biding for your attention, most of the time they require different types of care, at the same time. One baby is ready ... Read More >

An Entrepreneur and New Mom: Should I Feel Guilty? - PART 2

Lauren Kutting
If you missed PART 1, you can read it here.       The News of Twins The news of twins came with such mixed emotions. My initial reaction was laughter and tears of joy. I had no idea twins wer... Read More >

An Entrepreneur and New Mom: Should I Feel Guilty? - PART 1

Lauren Kutting
Today I’d like to share my story as a mom (and soon-to-be mom of twins!) and businesswoman. As a founder of Life in Play and the voice of Prêt-à-Diaper, I rarely discuss my own personal opinions an... Read More >

Diaper Bag Checklist for Twins

Life in Play Team
Packing your diaper bag for one baby can be a challenge. Packing for twin babies, that's an even bigger challenge! Double the baby-love calls for double the supplies and double the organization... Read More >