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Fawn Design Bag: ToteSavvy vs. ToteSavvy Mini

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It's no surprise our ToteSavvy customers have a huge crush on the Fawn Design bag. The versatile backpack design is the perfect casual-cool look for just about everyone. On top of that their bags are made from vegan leather which means them lightweight and easy to clean. Major plus for any parent!! 

Since we know you love Fawn Design so much, we decided to dedicate a full blog post to showcasing a side by side comparison of ToteSavvy and ToteSavvy Mini inside. We hope this helps you determine which insert is best for your beloved Fawn bag! 


fawn design and totesavvy


Okay so here's the breakdown. ToteSavvy and ToteSavvy Mini both fit inside the Fawn Design bag. What it really comes down to is personal preference and how you utilize your handbag to determine which size is best for you. 

For instance, pictured on the left is our ToteSavvy Mini. This smaller insert can be easily taken in and out of the bag. It small enough to not alter the shape of your Fawn bag and will allow it to keep that cool "slouchy" look. Our Mini ToteSavvy has 6 pockets and holds enough essentials for one baby or two toddlers. Our minimalist customers love the Mini because it allows you to pack "just enough" and keep from overpacking. 


fawn design and totesavvy


The image above shows a great representation of both ToteSavvy sizes inside the Fawn bag. Our original size insert (large one) is great if you really want to pack as much as possible inside your bag. It also offers a little structure to the Fawn bag which some customers have noted liking. 

The original size is a snug fit which means you won't be able to access the inner Fawn pockets as well as you would with the Mini size. It's also harder to take in and out, but if you plan to solely use the Fawn bag as your main diaper bag then that shouldn't be a problem. 


fawn design totesavvy


In these final images we're showing you how the ToteSavvy Mini (pictured left) allows the Fawn bag to have the slight "slouch" look. Our original size ToteSavvy widens the Fawn bag by an inch or so and creates a more structured look and feel. 


As always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We love to hear from you, and help find the perfect ToteSavvy for your favorite handbag :) 



Lauren Kutting
Lauren Kutting

Mom of three (including b/g twins!) and creator of ToteSavvy. Lauren enjoys browsing through Instagram for fashion inspiration, cooking for her family of five, solving problems through efficiency and organization, and blogging about motherhood.

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  • Susana– Our mini ToteSavvy does fit inside the Fawn Mini :)

    Life in Play on
  • Do these fit the fawn design minis?

    Susana Ruiz on
  • Hi Anj! The insulated pocket will fit two Tommee Tippee (5oz) bottles––one stacked on the other. Though, we typically recommend our original size ToteSavvy when packing for 3 kiddos :)

    Life in Play on
  • do you think you can fit 2 bottles and the other essentials in the mini? trying to decide if mini is practical for 3 kids (twins and a toddler)

    anj on
  • @Theresa, yes! We plan to add another color or two to our Mini size this year :)

    Life in Play on

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