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ToteSavvy Essentials for a Nursing Mama

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Hey there beautiful mamas! Want to know our favorite feature of ToteSavvy?? It's versatility, of course! We love how you can completely customize the way you use ToteSavvy, and mold it to fit inside your own lifestyle (and handbag!).   

In today's post we're featuring the ToteSavvy essentials of a breastfeeding mama. You won't need to pack bottles and formula, but you will need a few other necessities to make your on-the-go nursing session as comfortable as possible. 

Jumping right into the list, here's what we packed inside our ToteSavvy for a breastfed 4-month old.



  • Bamboobies nursing pads – Are these not the cutest?!?! Washable nursing pads are an absolute must-have inside your diaper bag. Keep them inside ToteSavvy's small pocket (top one) for easy access after each nursing session.  
  • Honest nipple balm – Dry and cracked nipples are even more painful than they sound 😖. Keep yours soft and moisturized with nipple balm. We love Honest's nipple balm because you can easily add it to your monthly diaper order. Never risk running out of it! 
  • Milkflow drink mix – A delicious and easy way to stimulate milk production. Throw a few in your ToteSavvy when on-the-go to keep your milk supply up!
  • Milkmakers cookies - If you're looking for a quick snack and can use the boost in your milk, we highly recommend Milkmakers cookies. They're easy to pop in your ToteSavvy and eat while on-the-go.
  • Water bottle – Another quick and easy way to keep your milk flowing is to drink plenty of water. Toss a bottle of water inside ToteSavvy's insulated pocket to keep yourself hydrated on your outing. 
  • Covered Goods multi-use cover – Whether you choose to nurse with a cover or not, the multi-use scarf by Covered Goods is a great option to pack inside your diaper bag. Use it as a cover for discreetly nursing your little one, as a carseat cover, or as a shopping cart cover.



  • Change of clothing – Between spit-ups, blow-outs and drool, you'll be glad you packed a clean outfit for your little one.
  • Sophie the Giraffe teether toy – Sophie is the perfect toy to pack inside your ToteSavvy because it's small enough to easily slip inside any pocket, and it offers multifaceted enjoyment for your baby. 
  • Honest diapers & wet wipes 
  • Burp cloth – If you like your outfit, don't forget to pack this little necessity ;)



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