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How to Keep Your Diaper Bag Organized for 2016

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Every January we have the best intentions to stick to our resolution to make our lives a little more organized. This year ensure your diaper bag will stay organized and fabulous year-round by adding ToteSavvy as your go-to organizational product and following our 4 easy tips. Why choose ToteSavvy you ask? For it’s fabulous features and sleek design that doesn't take away from the aesthetic of your handbag. Designed with moms (and dads!) in mind, ToteSavvy offers the utility you expect from a highly functional diaper bag while giving you infinite baby bag options.



TIP #1 {Lay out the essential items}. Only pack what you know you’ll actually use and try to avoid overpacking. It can be tempting to pack everything (and the kitchen sink) but then you’ll be lugging around a 10lb diaper bag. Stick with the basics like diapers (2-4), wipes (1 full pack), a pacifier (or 2), teether/toy, bottle & formula (1 per every 2 hours you’ll be away), small blanket or swaddle, and a change of clothing. You’ll likely have room to add a few of your own essentials like a wallet, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, and phone.  

TIP #2 {Organize inside your diaper bag or handbag with ToteSavvy}. Utilizing ToteSavvy offers extra organization because it holds each item securely in place while making it easily accessible by just reaching into your handbag. It may seem simple to quickly unzip a pouch, or unsnap buttons to get what you need. However, when you have a crabby baby who wants her paci or toy immediately, taking that extra step to unbutton, unzip, or unroll can add unnecessary stress and land you in baby meltdown territory.

TIP #3 {Replenish what was used BEFORE your next outing}. After returning home from your excursion quickly grab a few more diapers, a clean bib, and maybe even another change of clothing for your diaper bag. By making sure your ToteSavvy is always stocked, you’ll eliminate the last minute rush to grab everything you need. Undoubtedly you’ll forget that very important item in the midst of rushing out of the house. Mommy brain is no joke and always pops up at the worst times.

TIP #4 {Use ToteSavvy to switch diaper bags easily and with confidence}. If you’re the type of woman who regularly changes your handbag to compliment your outfit, you’ll love using ToteSavvy as your diaper bag insert. ToteSavvy easily slips in and out of different totes giving you infinite options for your baby bag. Follow tip #3 to assure your ToteSavvy is always stocked and ready to be slipped into your handbag of choice.

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