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Tips for Packing your Diaper Bag

by Life in Play Team October 24, 2014

Tips for Packing your Diaper Bag

1. Pack the essentials first

Start with the obvious items (it's called a diaper bag for a reason!). Diapers - enough to get you through the whole day, even if you're only going out for an hour or two. Wipes - a full package. You can never be too prepared with wipes. Soothing item - pacifier, blanket, stuffy - whatever your child needs to soothe. 


2. Add food and drink

Depending on the age of your child, add bottles, a nursing cover, puree pouches, crackers, or health bars to hold them over for a few hours. If you're packing for a newborn and are bottle feeding, be sure to pack extra formula and a spare bottle in case you're out longer than expected. Running out a food for a newborn is not a fun experience for anyone!

Don't forget to pack a snack for yourself. Even a small cereal bar or an apple will suffice if you're starving! 


3. Spare clothing

For any child under the age of 7, a spare change of clothing is always a good idea. You never know how or when their outfit will be soiled. Think about adding a spare shirt for yourself as well. When those unexpected messes happen, usually the parent doesn't get out of it clean! :)


4. Don't forget the entertainment 

Throw in a teething toy or rings for a child under 9 months. For children ages 1-3 the options expand. A coloring book with crayons is always popular. A slim book or a busy wallet work great too! Magazine or tablet for yourself. 


5. Seasonal items

Spring/Summer - sunscreen and more sunscreen! Add and hat and swimsuit (plus swim diapers!) and you're all set. Fall/Winter - tissues for the running noses, and an umbrella. 


6. Parent essentials

Now that your kids a fully packed don't forget to pack your essentials. Wallet, cell phone, keys, chap-stick or lip gloss, and anything else needed to get through the day. Espresso shot? :)


Want to take your organization to the next level? Throw in an organizer like ToteSavvy. You can even toss this sweet insert into a regular tote bag, turning it into a fully functional diaper bag. 



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Life in Play Team
Life in Play Team


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